Sunday, November 28, 2010 | By: Reenie


I love December.

... even when I am anticipating a busy couple of weeks with Christmas parties, birthdays and life in general... I love it nonetheless because it brings me a 10-day-break... 10 days of freedom. Very few things can beat that- won’t you agree? :)

This weekend is a lazy one- it’s a cold and rainy Sunday- with Crazy and Sher sleeping in till late (it’s 11am) and I just curled up in the sofa watching the rain from the window and enjoying the sounds of my quiet house with a super-warm coffee mug...

Only that it’s not coffee, it’s masala chai- albeit the pre-packed, too-sweet ones... but today is the kind of a day when a masala chai feels the best... and I feel way too lazy to make one from the scratch.

... and you know what else feels right on a day like today?

Homemade spaghetti with buttered mushrooms, tomatoes and light cream...!

... and that is what’s cooking on my stove. Did I ever tell you that I find cooking therapeutic? Well, I do. I don’t feel like it always, but I enjoy it when I do.

... and I would not have known any better welcome to December on this last November weekend than chilling in with a warm mug of masala chai and a quiet house smelling of butter, cream, mushroom and spaghetti... :)

My life, at this moment, is good. Hope yours is too. 
Monday, November 22, 2010 | By: Reenie

Small Hours

The whole universe is engaged in a conspiracy against me these days... sleep eluded me last night and left me counting ‘minutes’. It wasn’t too bad though; I actually even chuckled aloud at one point around 4am when the cat was walking all over me while purring REALLY loud!

I mean- really- what can be more cute than a purring cat?

But of course- day has broken as it always does and I am at work now with a headache and dark circles around the eyes; and as soon as I stepped in- there was a mock fire drill; then a frantic emergency call by the boss that every Accountant dreads ON THE VERY DAY of the QBR Presentation:

‘They have done something again! Our numbers have changed!!!!!’

One deep breath; well... more than one maybe. Fix it; fix it quick- because time is running out, the big meeting is just a few hours away. We need the right numbers- because the first language that the corporate world speaks is ‘numbers’... and fix it I did- because that’s what I do- for a living. It’s not hard... numbers are easy, they follow rules... enough to let you ‘forecast’ somewhat accurately.

... unlike life, where the only rule that is consistently followed is that ‘rules change’... and more often than not- no matter whether we realize it enough or not- this unpredictability is precisely what makes it 'life'...

... and I am trying to fix it too. My life, that is :)
Sunday, November 21, 2010 | By: Reenie

Like slipping Sand

Where HAVE I been, you ask? I know. It has been a while that I have not been here, even when I have made an half-arsed effort to make a post.

You would agree that there is a difference between having a presence and being present, right? I have made a few blog-posts in the past weeks... but I have not been here really- work has been busy, lunch times have been lonely, the weather has been muggy and depressing and somewhere along the line- I have let part of myself slip away from my grip.

This morning, when the sun fell directly on my eyes and I could sleep no more- I suddenly remembered and I missed.

I missed blogging... real blogging, and all of a sudden I missed you all- your visits, your lives and your kind words.

I need to come back here; because blogging helps me to not slowly slip away- like those smooth sands do from your hand.

I can't let it happen, can I? :).

On a possibly unrelated note, check this out- if you like? I have been working on it a bit, because however 'regular' my life is- sometimes I need to look back and see where I was and how far I have come from there. What do you think? Does it happen to you too? 

[Image Credit: my friend, Simz]
Saturday, November 20, 2010 | By: Reenie

.. and tell me, did Venus blow your mind? Was it everything you wanted to find and then you missed me while you were looking for yourself out there

Today's guest post is from Crazy :). Yes, my Crazy- the very same one as the one in this post :). Without further ado, here goes:

When the rain walks to you and asks, 'Hey stranger, would you like to laugh with me?' what do you say in response? Do you ask her why she cries all the time? You might. What if she answers, 'Crying? What about my pitter patter laughter?' You would smile; at that point you are strangers no more.

When the sun takes a sip of wine, do you offer him a beer? What if the sun says, 'Beer will make me all dry'? Would you give him a look of disbelief? You might. He would withdraw and at that point you would become a stranger.

The wind will still tell you stories about her last dinner with rain, the exuberant party with the sun and all the fun of travelling. But she would shy away from telling you anything about her mysterious relationship with the cloud. You might ask her, 'isn't rain a cousin of the cloud?' just to bring up the topic. What if she says nothing but gives a mischievous smile. At that point you would become friends forever.

You would sit beside the window, looking at the crowd of roads, stars, the moon and the rainbow. You would say, 'I know you all'. They would reply, 'Of course my dear, aren't you just one of us?' At that point you would live forever...

Reenie's note:
Crazy writes (or does not write, he's an awful slack when it comes to blogging) here. Go say 'hi' if you like :). As it seems, I have nothing further to add. I have always struggled to speak of my emotions, I do not see it changing any time soon... 
With this, the guest posts series for me reaching the 100th post in this blog comes to an end. Thanks again, everyone! Cheers!
[Art Credit: Crazy's Photography]
Tuesday, November 16, 2010 | By: Reenie

Feet and Paws

Crazy is inches deep in his books and notes these days- physiology, statistics, projects, exams, reports... He is not as organized as I am... and my house looks... umm... interesting lately... with papers everywhere.

I was so tired last night, I just moved the papers a little bit, got into the quilt with Crazy- drawing the heat in from him, reading a book from my Kindle- ignoring the dirty sink, the cluttered living room and the dust on the floor...

A while after... a small meow and a fluffy cat... soft paws making room with us in that same sofa where Crazy is inches deep in the notes, me covered with a quilt and papers and engrossed in a book. It’s amazing how great cats are in squeezing in :).

And me? I closed the Kindle- ‘The Memory Keeper’s Daughter’ could wait, made a little room in the space that my body created on the sofa- between my chest, tummy and thighs- for the little cat... who settled in with happy meows- and as a token of appreciation showered me with nose kisses before settling into a belly-up nap.

... and for that one hour yesterday evening- with Crazy, me and Sher- in our little Ikea sofa with Sher sleeping on my tummy and Crazy’s hand resting casually on my feet while he studied the Gastrointestinal system chapter- there was a fleeting visit by ‘Perfection’ in our lives.

... and I realized once again that it hardly matters what state your life is in- cluttered, dusty or with a dirty sink- it can still get close-to-perfect every once in a while :).
Sunday, November 14, 2010 | By: Reenie

Moments of Peace

Sometimes there is nothing better than an empty brain and it is surprisingly easy to have one when you have people around you...

... and contrary to the popular belief- ‘dealing with stuff’ is not an ‘all-purpose-solution’, sometimes ‘not thinking’ is blissful, sometimes an empty brain is all that you need... sometimes that is THE solution.

I am purposely ignoring my brain these days ...

And in my quest to find some kind of peace- looking neither for answers nor questions, things may not have been not exceedingly exciting, but they have been ‘fun’ in their own ways and 'good' too... just as 'life' is I suppose.

Yup, I have been well. You?
Saturday, November 13, 2010 | By: Reenie

Be That Change

Today's guest post is from my sweet friend Jacqueline from Jacqueline's Cat House. Jacqueline has shared a few valuable life lessons, I hope you like them as much as I did. Without further ado, here goes:

A Few Life Lessons That Might Change Your Day...or Might Not...

1. Acceptance and Forgiveness are two of the most important concepts we will ever truly need to master; through these two things, which must be applied to ourselves before we can truly relate it to others, we open our hearts to happiness and love.

Beautiful Jacqueline (right-most) with Parents and Friend, Harry
2. Treat people the way we want to be treated, especially when it means we are the "bigger" person...Of course, there is a certain point no one should be allowed to cross, but in general, if we approach others with kindness, even when they are not using kindness with us, we walk away with dignity and more respect for ourselves for being true to ourselves and not the whims of others.

3. Smile as much as we can, even if it is sometimes forced; it will bring smiles back to us from others and possibly make someone else feel better as well.

4. We have to FEEL our feelings, the good and the bad, and work through them, face them and release them = there is no other way to be free from their silent or not so silent "hold" over our lives...If it hurts (a thought, a memory, a relationship), find a way to let it go and embrace the relief it brings your soul.

5. Life is what we make it and most of our life is determined by our perspective on any given day; that's why it is important to train ourselves to look for the good in every issue we face=the glass should always be viewed as "half full" because being grateful, especially for the little things, allows us to feel joy in the moment...There is a positive in every negative or difficult situation, just waiting to be discovered; if we look long and hard at the painful issues in our lives, we can always find one positive thing that was covered from view by the sorrow of the situation...This can shift our perception, allowing us to realize and embrace the simple truth that the only thing we really have control over in life is our reaction to it.

Life is not easy for the most lucky of us; every one has a cross to bear, a sorrow that runs deep and heavy on their soul, a grief that will never truly heal...Time is a great source of comfort for what ails us, physically and emotionally, but we have to have open hearts and minds to allow love and happiness to enter our lives...So often, pain and suffering in one part of our lives can make us "shut down" in other areas because pain IS anger/anger IS pain and we would rather not feel that way, so we shut down and try to protect ourselves, which in reality, only hurts us more...So let's try to be brave and face our fears in order to let them go since life is too short to hold on to the bad stuff=Love is ALWAYS the answer...I hope we will all be able to find even the smallest joy in what our days bring us.

Reenie's Note: 
If you would like to say 'hi', Jacqueline writes here; and I recommend you check out this, this and this post- there is a guaranteed overload of cute and furry! Don't tell me later that I did not warn you :D! 

We are almost coming to an end with the Guest Post Series for reaching my 100th post. Thank you everyone for being a part of it. There is however just one more and I urge you to stay tuned for the next weekend, because it will be from someone very very special to me. You have been granted exactly ONE guess, now have a guess- READY STEADY SHOOT! Meanwhile- have a great weekend, my lovelies :)
Thursday, November 11, 2010 | By: Reenie

In My Element

Split ends, ungroomed eyebrows, dark circles, tired eyes... but a happy heart despite...

... because while the nail polish of my fingers and toes are chipped off- they were well-soaked in salt water for long enough to make it all okay.

I am of the opinion that saltwater is amazing- be it in form of ocean water, tears or sweat. I think there are a very few real problems on this earth than at least one form of saltwater cannot solve; don’t you?

Water is my true element; it is like an ointment to my brain. Yup, it is! What do you feel is YOUR element?

On a semi random note, I plan to catch-up with your lives tonight {by which I mean I plan to open the G’Reader after DAYS and face those scary unread items are ready to stare right back at me! }... G-r-e-a-t!

[Image credit: Vegetable Assassin]
Sunday, November 7, 2010 | By: Reenie

Would We Be Wonderful If It Wasn’t For The Weather?

Have you noticed how easy it is to ‘look’- than it is to ‘see’...

... or how unthreatening 'a crush’ sounds next to ‘the one’, or ‘lust’ next to ‘love’, or ‘acquaintance’ next to ‘friend’?

... or how easy it is to be a tourist than a traveller, to leave than be left, to be ‘the popular one’ than ‘the cherished’, to give a ‘second chance’ than a third, to 'give' an opinion than 'take' one?

... or how- depending on how much you care- it alternates sometimes... and what was so easy to hold on to becomes the most difficult and what was so easy to let go- is not anymore?

I realize that in my life so far- I have a soul mate, been loved to bits, have a few cherished friends, am a traveller, been cherished silly- there has actually been some who cared enough for me to choose what is more difficult, there has been some to whom I mattered...

... now can you do me a favour? Because every once in a while, I forget... the next time I'm being bull-headily hard on myself- can you please remind me to come read this post? :)

[Title credit: Would We Be Happier by The Corrs]
Saturday, November 6, 2010 | By: Reenie

Forever in the Wires

Today's Guest Post is from my friend, Elle- who is one of my earliest blogland buddies; from the time when I used to blog at LiveJournal. I will now let her do the talking: 

At the end of the day, what is there that gives you peace? What thing helps you slough off the work and cares of the day and get back to yourself?

For me it is communing with my cats and parrots, tending to my plants, especially my orchids, and doing bead and wirework.

It is the last thing that feeds my creative side and allows me to express myself in a way that does not involve words. It’s a hobby that brings me great joy, restores the balance in my mind, allows me to release stress and ultimately ends with me creating something of beauty.

Elle's beadwork

I prefer to do wirework because I like the organic nature of taking a pair of pliers and a spool of wire and making something from them. A few loops here, a few bends there and I have a reflection of myself, forever crafted in wire, ready to be worn or displayed. Quite often I add beads or stones to my creations enabling me to express myself and my moods in even more depth. Sharp, angular pieces paired with dark or red beads allow me to vent my anger. Delicate swirls and spirals decorated with pale blues and greens reflect the peace within my heart. Stones of amber, orange and brown blended together with the wire to create everlasting leaves to be hung in my home to welcome my favorite season of autumn.

One of the wonderful things about this hobby of mine is the joy I can bring to others by giving my creations away. I love the expressions of shock and delight when I make things for people. It’s always nice to see someone wearing something I made and think “I did that!”

In my world, there’s an awful lot of stress. How nice that I can wind and bend and swirl it all away with a pair of pliers and a little bit of metal and end up with something pretty that brings me and others joy as a result.

Reenie's Note:
Elle is a very talented beader, I can certify that! The earrings that you see in the photograph, those were gifts to me by Ellie some years back (I have a thing for hoop earrings, maybe you can tell...!)- I wear them a lot till today. Now, who wouldn't? Now, if you would like to say 'hi'- Elle writes here- and my recommendation is this, this and this- my favourite posts by her in the recent times.

I can totally understand the stress-release factor- I know that for me it varies- from writing, sketching, reading, walking by the beach and snuggling with Sher and Crazy with no agenda for the day- different time different measure. What is it for you? 
Wednesday, November 3, 2010 | By: Reenie

Cracks in the Crystal Ball

It seems like I have lost my motivation to carry on... umm... with.... work...  but then, it is not a REAL option- I know that too. Hence I’m hoping that the motivation to being a fully-functional individual will somehow magically reappear. Hey, I can hope!

I’ve been dreaming of beaches, shores and beach houses... it probably means that I... sort of... need a break... but I am not ready to leave Sher behind in the hands of a stranger now that he is a little better... not yet... so that is not an option either... well, not right now anyway.

Oh, how I wish there was an ‘off’ button in my brain... to tune the voices out- for it to be deaf than comatosed... but do I really? I think I do; there are days I am simply tired of its overactiveness. There are high chances of today being THAT day.

This week is a short one for us over here in Australia... why then is it dragging so much? Or, maybe the week isn’t- rather I am. I know- it all boils down to that: me... it is me who needs a fix *Sigh*. Oh well.

What an infinite loop; bleh- and what a stupid post. Umm... so... how are you feeling lately?

[Title Credit: Crystal Ball by Pink]
Monday, November 1, 2010 | By: Reenie

A moment in time (inside my head)

I wrote this using 'Notes' in the iPad. I was about to copy-paste the text in this 'Compose' window, but then decided against it. So it stays like this- a snapshot of the screen- a moment in time, captured.

Have a great Monday, everyone :)
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