Saturday, November 20, 2010 | By: Reenie

.. and tell me, did Venus blow your mind? Was it everything you wanted to find and then you missed me while you were looking for yourself out there

Today's guest post is from Crazy :). Yes, my Crazy- the very same one as the one in this post :). Without further ado, here goes:

When the rain walks to you and asks, 'Hey stranger, would you like to laugh with me?' what do you say in response? Do you ask her why she cries all the time? You might. What if she answers, 'Crying? What about my pitter patter laughter?' You would smile; at that point you are strangers no more.

When the sun takes a sip of wine, do you offer him a beer? What if the sun says, 'Beer will make me all dry'? Would you give him a look of disbelief? You might. He would withdraw and at that point you would become a stranger.

The wind will still tell you stories about her last dinner with rain, the exuberant party with the sun and all the fun of travelling. But she would shy away from telling you anything about her mysterious relationship with the cloud. You might ask her, 'isn't rain a cousin of the cloud?' just to bring up the topic. What if she says nothing but gives a mischievous smile. At that point you would become friends forever.

You would sit beside the window, looking at the crowd of roads, stars, the moon and the rainbow. You would say, 'I know you all'. They would reply, 'Of course my dear, aren't you just one of us?' At that point you would live forever...

Reenie's note:
Crazy writes (or does not write, he's an awful slack when it comes to blogging) here. Go say 'hi' if you like :). As it seems, I have nothing further to add. I have always struggled to speak of my emotions, I do not see it changing any time soon... 
With this, the guest posts series for me reaching the 100th post in this blog comes to an end. Thanks again, everyone! Cheers!
[Art Credit: Crazy's Photography]
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