Wednesday, November 3, 2010 | By: Reenie

Cracks in the Crystal Ball

It seems like I have lost my motivation to carry on... umm... with.... work...  but then, it is not a REAL option- I know that too. Hence I’m hoping that the motivation to being a fully-functional individual will somehow magically reappear. Hey, I can hope!

I’ve been dreaming of beaches, shores and beach houses... it probably means that I... sort of... need a break... but I am not ready to leave Sher behind in the hands of a stranger now that he is a little better... not yet... so that is not an option either... well, not right now anyway.

Oh, how I wish there was an ‘off’ button in my brain... to tune the voices out- for it to be deaf than comatosed... but do I really? I think I do; there are days I am simply tired of its overactiveness. There are high chances of today being THAT day.

This week is a short one for us over here in Australia... why then is it dragging so much? Or, maybe the week isn’t- rather I am. I know- it all boils down to that: me... it is me who needs a fix *Sigh*. Oh well.

What an infinite loop; bleh- and what a stupid post. Umm... so... how are you feeling lately?

[Title Credit: Crystal Ball by Pink]
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