Tuesday, November 16, 2010 | By: Reenie

Feet and Paws

Crazy is inches deep in his books and notes these days- physiology, statistics, projects, exams, reports... He is not as organized as I am... and my house looks... umm... interesting lately... with papers everywhere.

I was so tired last night, I just moved the papers a little bit, got into the quilt with Crazy- drawing the heat in from him, reading a book from my Kindle- ignoring the dirty sink, the cluttered living room and the dust on the floor...

A while after... a small meow and a fluffy cat... soft paws making room with us in that same sofa where Crazy is inches deep in the notes, me covered with a quilt and papers and engrossed in a book. It’s amazing how great cats are in squeezing in :).

And me? I closed the Kindle- ‘The Memory Keeper’s Daughter’ could wait, made a little room in the space that my body created on the sofa- between my chest, tummy and thighs- for the little cat... who settled in with happy meows- and as a token of appreciation showered me with nose kisses before settling into a belly-up nap.

... and for that one hour yesterday evening- with Crazy, me and Sher- in our little Ikea sofa with Sher sleeping on my tummy and Crazy’s hand resting casually on my feet while he studied the Gastrointestinal system chapter- there was a fleeting visit by ‘Perfection’ in our lives.

... and I realized once again that it hardly matters what state your life is in- cluttered, dusty or with a dirty sink- it can still get close-to-perfect every once in a while :).
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