Saturday, November 6, 2010 | By: Reenie

Forever in the Wires

Today's Guest Post is from my friend, Elle- who is one of my earliest blogland buddies; from the time when I used to blog at LiveJournal. I will now let her do the talking: 

At the end of the day, what is there that gives you peace? What thing helps you slough off the work and cares of the day and get back to yourself?

For me it is communing with my cats and parrots, tending to my plants, especially my orchids, and doing bead and wirework.

It is the last thing that feeds my creative side and allows me to express myself in a way that does not involve words. It’s a hobby that brings me great joy, restores the balance in my mind, allows me to release stress and ultimately ends with me creating something of beauty.

Elle's beadwork

I prefer to do wirework because I like the organic nature of taking a pair of pliers and a spool of wire and making something from them. A few loops here, a few bends there and I have a reflection of myself, forever crafted in wire, ready to be worn or displayed. Quite often I add beads or stones to my creations enabling me to express myself and my moods in even more depth. Sharp, angular pieces paired with dark or red beads allow me to vent my anger. Delicate swirls and spirals decorated with pale blues and greens reflect the peace within my heart. Stones of amber, orange and brown blended together with the wire to create everlasting leaves to be hung in my home to welcome my favorite season of autumn.

One of the wonderful things about this hobby of mine is the joy I can bring to others by giving my creations away. I love the expressions of shock and delight when I make things for people. It’s always nice to see someone wearing something I made and think “I did that!”

In my world, there’s an awful lot of stress. How nice that I can wind and bend and swirl it all away with a pair of pliers and a little bit of metal and end up with something pretty that brings me and others joy as a result.

Reenie's Note:
Elle is a very talented beader, I can certify that! The earrings that you see in the photograph, those were gifts to me by Ellie some years back (I have a thing for hoop earrings, maybe you can tell...!)- I wear them a lot till today. Now, who wouldn't? Now, if you would like to say 'hi'- Elle writes here- and my recommendation is this, this and this- my favourite posts by her in the recent times.

I can totally understand the stress-release factor- I know that for me it varies- from writing, sketching, reading, walking by the beach and snuggling with Sher and Crazy with no agenda for the day- different time different measure. What is it for you? 
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