Monday, November 22, 2010 | By: Reenie

Small Hours

The whole universe is engaged in a conspiracy against me these days... sleep eluded me last night and left me counting ‘minutes’. It wasn’t too bad though; I actually even chuckled aloud at one point around 4am when the cat was walking all over me while purring REALLY loud!

I mean- really- what can be more cute than a purring cat?

But of course- day has broken as it always does and I am at work now with a headache and dark circles around the eyes; and as soon as I stepped in- there was a mock fire drill; then a frantic emergency call by the boss that every Accountant dreads ON THE VERY DAY of the QBR Presentation:

‘They have done something again! Our numbers have changed!!!!!’

One deep breath; well... more than one maybe. Fix it; fix it quick- because time is running out, the big meeting is just a few hours away. We need the right numbers- because the first language that the corporate world speaks is ‘numbers’... and fix it I did- because that’s what I do- for a living. It’s not hard... numbers are easy, they follow rules... enough to let you ‘forecast’ somewhat accurately.

... unlike life, where the only rule that is consistently followed is that ‘rules change’... and more often than not- no matter whether we realize it enough or not- this unpredictability is precisely what makes it 'life'...

... and I am trying to fix it too. My life, that is :)
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