Sunday, November 7, 2010 | By: Reenie

Would We Be Wonderful If It Wasn’t For The Weather?

Have you noticed how easy it is to ‘look’- than it is to ‘see’...

... or how unthreatening 'a crush’ sounds next to ‘the one’, or ‘lust’ next to ‘love’, or ‘acquaintance’ next to ‘friend’?

... or how easy it is to be a tourist than a traveller, to leave than be left, to be ‘the popular one’ than ‘the cherished’, to give a ‘second chance’ than a third, to 'give' an opinion than 'take' one?

... or how- depending on how much you care- it alternates sometimes... and what was so easy to hold on to becomes the most difficult and what was so easy to let go- is not anymore?

I realize that in my life so far- I have a soul mate, been loved to bits, have a few cherished friends, am a traveller, been cherished silly- there has actually been some who cared enough for me to choose what is more difficult, there has been some to whom I mattered...

... now can you do me a favour? Because every once in a while, I forget... the next time I'm being bull-headily hard on myself- can you please remind me to come read this post? :)

[Title credit: Would We Be Happier by The Corrs]
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