Friday, December 31, 2010 | By: Reenie

An ounce of nothing

Maybe because I am in this weird mental state lately (don’t ask, long story), it is somewhat easier these days to blog about actions than thoughts

… I have been writing over here instead, once a week- but only if you call it writing- it is more ‘documenting’ than writing, I guess. But it helps me to focus on my life… to live intentionally and not by accident, to validate a few things…

… if you’re wondering where I am, feel free to read/ subscribe… there is some photography there too if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

... but otherwise- don’t bother…

just hang in here, if you please… :)

… because I know I will be back, but contrary to what I had thought initially- it may be a while till I do…

Till then.

[PS: Happy New Year!] 
Thursday, December 23, 2010 | By: Reenie

Whimsies and Walls

We sat for our caricature sketching yesterday at the Night Market (possibly a result of a 'lemonade'-induced euphoria), and this is what the talented street artist came up with:

Ladies and gentlemen, tadaaaa- presenting Crazy and I.

Yup- I like it; and now I need to get a big frame to showcase it on my walls :). If not anything else, it will act as a reminder of how life is more fun when it is sprinkled with some silly...

Long live whimsy! Yayie!
Sunday, December 19, 2010 | By: Reenie

A Game of Strategy

This blankness, sadly, is now very familiar to me… the way I open this page, look at the blankness, try to find the words to spill in here- unsuccessfully every time- and then close it- giving up.

I do have words floating in my brain, but what I don’t have is the will of making a coherent string of words…

… so I don’t; I am blogging without obligation after all- I don’t HAVE to make a blogpost, I don’t have to do anything here that I don’t want to… or, can't seem to be able to. I can take a break- from writing- can’t I?

I guess I can… hence I keep the words floating, perhaps all it needs is time- to mature, ripen and burst out. If it is a writer’s block, I will just let it be… words will come around; they always have.

… so meanwhile I am looking in at my life instead, embracing it, not willing to let it pass me by while I just sat here keeping on trying to make a blogpost :)
Thursday, December 9, 2010 | By: Reenie

Hula Hoop Hoop

December’s here... two more weeks till the break!

If life is getting a little too hectic for you- do remind yourself to hang in there for dear life...

... or sanity. Your pick :)

I pick sanity, because that’s what I am lacking these days... and while we’re at it- some energy too... also some back massage- my back HURTS... and oh, some masala-chai please!

... and oh, it may be a good time to tell you all that I am still alive. I am just not around much- because while all is well, December does make me feel like a spinning top- the kind which is enchanting to look at and watch it slow down bit-by-bit while at the same time wondering when it will finally settle...

Life is so so busy these days...

So while I have this moment- Happy Holidays in advance, everyone. The holidays, for me, are not coming soon enough- but I’m happy anyway that they are just around the corner :)

[Image Credit: Crazy- this man in the photograph was Hula Hooping at the Bourke Street roadside when the snap was taken]
Thursday, December 2, 2010 | By: Reenie

a string of Random thoughts

... it's my work Christmas Party tomorrow. I need to get myself together- clothes, nails, hair- oh, bother! I am tempted to show up in my PJ's, just for the heck of it; or not show up at all... but that would be BAD, though very typical of me... :P

... it's raining, too- cats and dogs and mice. The frontyard looks so green, it's a pleasure to the eyes! 

... Sher is sleeping on my lap and looking at him I am sometimes so full of love that it's overwhelming, tear-jerking and scary in a weird way... makes me think- maybe I judge myself too harshly after all... maybe, just maybe, if I ever decide to be one- I may not end up being a very bad mother after all... mind you, there is a big 'if', and hey... it's just a thought!

... what can I have for lunch? Instant noodles, maybe... can't be bothered with cooking and I ran out of breakfast cereals...

... it's December already... a few more weeks and there comes my Christmas break.

... I am having a rather enjoyable 'sick day', I must say. I am home... I love my home :)! I am such a homebug :)

[Image Credit: Crazy]
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