Sunday, December 19, 2010 | By: Reenie

A Game of Strategy

This blankness, sadly, is now very familiar to me… the way I open this page, look at the blankness, try to find the words to spill in here- unsuccessfully every time- and then close it- giving up.

I do have words floating in my brain, but what I don’t have is the will of making a coherent string of words…

… so I don’t; I am blogging without obligation after all- I don’t HAVE to make a blogpost, I don’t have to do anything here that I don’t want to… or, can't seem to be able to. I can take a break- from writing- can’t I?

I guess I can… hence I keep the words floating, perhaps all it needs is time- to mature, ripen and burst out. If it is a writer’s block, I will just let it be… words will come around; they always have.

… so meanwhile I am looking in at my life instead, embracing it, not willing to let it pass me by while I just sat here keeping on trying to make a blogpost :)
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