Thursday, December 2, 2010 | By: Reenie

a string of Random thoughts

... it's my work Christmas Party tomorrow. I need to get myself together- clothes, nails, hair- oh, bother! I am tempted to show up in my PJ's, just for the heck of it; or not show up at all... but that would be BAD, though very typical of me... :P

... it's raining, too- cats and dogs and mice. The frontyard looks so green, it's a pleasure to the eyes! 

... Sher is sleeping on my lap and looking at him I am sometimes so full of love that it's overwhelming, tear-jerking and scary in a weird way... makes me think- maybe I judge myself too harshly after all... maybe, just maybe, if I ever decide to be one- I may not end up being a very bad mother after all... mind you, there is a big 'if', and hey... it's just a thought!

... what can I have for lunch? Instant noodles, maybe... can't be bothered with cooking and I ran out of breakfast cereals...

... it's December already... a few more weeks and there comes my Christmas break.

... I am having a rather enjoyable 'sick day', I must say. I am home... I love my home :)! I am such a homebug :)

[Image Credit: Crazy]
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