Tuesday, January 18, 2011 | By: Reenie

Half-past the point of oblivion

This can very well be the worst writer’s block that I have had so far. It’s like I have some sort of a blockage in my brain or something- I just can’t write these days... words just won’t flow and I am slowly losing hope that they ever will... at least as freely as they used to.

Meanwhile, amidst some health issues [mine, for a change, and not the kitten’s... phew!], headaches, buckets full of water pouring from the sky, lunch time chats [3-cheers for my friend Stevie coming back from his holidays! My work lunch breaks are FUN again!], many unanswered emails [sorry, Dad!], the Queensland floods making the headlines, interesting reports about horoscope changes [so- what is your *new* zodiac sign now?], Melbourne turning into a shade of of summer, meeting up with friendsthe other tiny little things that make and break things... 

... life has gone on. 

... and I have meanwhile learnt that once you get the hang of it- it can be scarily easy (and liberating) to have an empty brain sometimes- it can be rather comforting to not 'feel' quite as much. Think about it, will you, all the things that we could do if only we did not turn out to be our worst enemies much too often? 

[Title Credit: Glitter in the Air by Pink]
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