Tuesday, January 4, 2011 | By: Reenie

In 2011, I intend to...

... write more, because it helps me keep sane. I have taken up a once-a-week ‘52 Photos Challenge’ just to prompt myself to keep on writing something throughout the year... if only in form of bite-size insignificances.

You can expect much crap from me this year.... at this point, I do.

... focus on life and love, live intentionally and document it; I want to be able to look back after a decade or so and see how my life had been at this point of life. I wish I had started it earlier.

Sometimes looking back at yourself- while you were getting to be you- is therapeutic.

... open up. I tend to get very very ‘closed’; while I do not want to be an open book- I do not want to be an ‘always closed’ one either- in other words, not a socialite maybe but a little more social.

[As a kickstart, I am arranging a small BBQ party (to take place in about two weeks) for Crazy’s 31st. Oh my!]

... study for my CPA qualification... work hard, but take only as much as I can handle- not more.

[... have registered for just ONE segment next term... yes, just one segment- but a difficult one]

... take trips... if not overseas- then within Australia... or within Victoria even- but TAKE trips.

[... booked our next within-Victoria trip for March and eagerly looking forward to it]

... read more books and spring-clean the blog-list to include only those that I feel connected to.

... take up photography and knit more.

[... counting on 52 Photos and the Photoblog and Crazy for the first and YouTube lessons for the second]

... focus on family- with varying mixes of love, forgiveness, patience and endurance to suit each situation.

Well... that's all. Let's see how 2011 goes till the end, shall we?

What is it that you intend to do in 2011?
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