Sunday, January 2, 2011 | By: Reenie

Just Me [52P #1]

Here is a photo of me (as of RIGHT NOW) as part of my this week's 52 Photos Challenge.

Now... a few words:

1. The older I get- the more I look like my mum. Sometimes I look at my own photos- and realize how scarily strong the resemblance is.

2. I have poor eyesight (-5.00) and I favour powered contact lenses ;)

3. I do not like my nose... but I think my eyes are sort of decent :)

4. Where do you think I am from... originally? The short answer is Bangladesh... but the answer I get most frequently to this question is 'Thailand'.

5. I have dark brown hair and the eyes of the same colour... I have never in my life coloured my hair or used coloured contact lenses- even though I always favoured a lighter brown- for both.

If you'd like to join in- go ahead, do it, grab the button and link up below!

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