Monday, January 31, 2011 | By: Reenie

Muggle thoughts

I read all seven books of Harry Potter the second time over in the span of 3.5 weeks [slow reader here] and I did thoroughly enjoy them too… and if it is at all possible, possibly even more than I did the first time over.

I am a Harry Potter fan, in case there was any sort of doubt about it at all. I think Rowling is an amazing storyteller. How about you, though? Harry Potter- yes or no? :)

This weekend was a fruitful one, reading-wise- I have the whole series of The Inheritance Cycle and Lord of the Rings in my Kindle- ready to be read right after Tolstoy’s War & Peace- which I have only just started on [I know it’s a fat book and even after reading it since last night I am still not past 1%… but no, I’m not mental- not for reading a fat book anyway. I usually like Classics].

Life, at Reeniestaland, has been good… of course it would have been better if I were not a mere ‘muggle’ and the world was a little more ‘magical’… but well- as it is now, it’s not too bad really.

It is Summer after all; tell me- with all the pretty flowers and amazing sunlighthow bad can it get... or will it be wiser and more prudent to not really challenge Mr Murphy?

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