Thursday, January 20, 2011 | By: Reenie

Today, like Yesterday

The days lately are nothing but a blur.

It’s not like nothing is happening, it’s not like too much is either- but there are times when days go by without me noticing and even the nights pass too quickly- and before I know it, the alarm clock goes off urging me to start yet another day that is essentially exactly the same as the day before.

Maybe it is part of the perks of being sick- most days I’m just too tired to acknowledge my presence in this world, let alone to see or live it; but it does seem like either the days are scarily similar or it is me who is losing it.

I’m not in my deathbed, of course… and I now know that the issue is *not* with my thyroid or kidney… a few more tests and maybe the theory of elimination will tell me that the issue is where I suspected in all along- in my head :)

Oh bother… When will I get well? What is wrong with me? [Shut up! No one knows yet. Patience!] More importantly, can I sleep now? Do I have to work tomorrow? [Yes and Yes. Stop nagging and go to bed!] It does feel like I have been ill too long now, see how mean I am being to myself? I must be losing patience :)

Oh well… but I'm right of course. I better bid y'all good night. Tomorrow is another day, you see, even if it looks (and feels) just like today :)
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