Sunday, February 6, 2011 | By: Reenie

Family (52P # 6)

An ancient photo of about 18 years back... here's my family- me and my beautiful parents and cute little brother

I do not remember it being taken, I do not remember this moment of happiness and smiles- but I remember that that blue shoe was my favourite [shudder!] and I used to wear watches then [I hardly do anymore]... and that huge red house behind us... that's my grandfather's house that I grew up in, that's where dad grew up in too... I miss it sometimes

I love this photo, enough to want to freeze time sometimes... so much has changed since then and our smiles have too :) 

Fast forward to about two decades, here's us again... me and a long-haired Crazy beside me [aww... old days :)] with my parents and brother [at the back]... 

Do you see what I mean... our smiles have changed, haven't they? :)

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