Wednesday, March 23, 2011 | By: Reenie

Good things in Small packages

Last night the kitten slept on my face...

... and after a little getting used to with his furs all over my face, I fell asleep to the sounds of the softest purrs ringing in my ears like a sweet lullaby. He missed me while I was gone on the Boat, it seems...

I am loved. Need to remember that.

And then- while I was cruising on the beautiful Murray, I had my wonderful bloggie-buddy Carol from Facing 50 with Humour feature my blog at hers... with the kindest and warmest of words.

Thank you so much Carol, did I say that you are wonderful? :)

If you have never read Carol- please drop by at her blog, will you? Carol writes a happy, witty, fun blog with snippets of her life; guaranteed good quality positive energy- who can say ‘no’ to that? No one should :)

I have gained a few followers too... it always makes me so happy :). Welcome to my blog, everyone- old, new and friends of Carol. I surely am looking forward to getting to know ALL of you!

Blogging can be very rewarding sometimes; I should blog more. Need to remember that too :)

How was YOUR last few weeks btw?
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