Tuesday, March 1, 2011 | By: Reenie

If wishes were horses, then things would be fine*

It will do me no good to want two very opposing things at the same time, will it? No, it won't... it certainly won't.

Actually not only will it do me no good, it will do me bad- because in doing it- while my mind is divided and torn, so is my life... and my peace of mind, oh... that ever-elusive dear friend of mine, is even farther away.

I have advised myself in the past to not to live by my devastating, uncontrollable and wild emotions- that I so easily succumb to- ever so often... the brain is there for a reason, right?

... but ask me if I paid any heed to my own advise ever- will you? ... or don’t... because I suspect I know what the answer to this might be...

How about YOU though? What rules you- brain or heart? For me, it's HEART.... it has always been heart; heart all the way.

Some days I'm okay with it... some other days though, I wish it wasn't the case.

[Title credit: ‘If Wishes were Horses’ by Annette Gisby]

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