Monday, March 28, 2011 | By: Reenie

Remote Control

I have realized some time back that one of the ways to be happy is by teaching yourself to define happiness in the terms you can control... for example, instead of thinking ‘I wish he does that, then I’ll be happy’, think ‘I am happy because I am doing what makes me happy’; because the only person you can control is yourself... if your happiness is in control of others- your source of happiness is more uncertain than you’d imagine.

Same goes for ‘grievances’. Stop bothering with what others do or say; I still have a long way to go- but really, I have no intent of doing it any other way. I have had my own struggles, true... but then, who doesn’t?

In the past, I have been criticized for my ways- my atheism, my choice of Crazy, my dislike for chocolates, my choice of animals... but at the end of the day- the idea of God still does not sit with me, it is 11 years now I am happily together with that same boy, I still hate chocolates and I still think cats are wonderful...

... those are my biggest ‘happys’ [well, except the chocolates]- my ‘strawberries’, as Kea would put it... and if ‘they’ are sad because these things are unchanged and I am still insufferable... well- too bad, I say... it works for me.

I think ‘differences’ between individuals is beautiful- it makes each of us unique- it’s wonderful... too bad not all agree. But yes, I suggest you learn from it and move on.

I am not important enough, trust me, don’t give me that remote control of your happiness.
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