Friday, April 1, 2011 | By: Reenie


I can now bite my tongue, because after much meanness towards Crazy for his WoW-addiction [not an illegal drug btw, just a computer game] - I am now reasonably addicted to it myself.

... it all started with Crazy finding an excuse in installing it to my MacBook... that vindictive man, he must have known! I should have known too. I did always have a thing for fantasy worlds after all [think Hogwarts!].

You meet my ‘toon’ though... she is a blood elf by race, a warlock by class, a herbalist by profession, has a blood elf mage mentor/ friend called Craziel [that’s Crazy btw], has a cute pet minion demon called Piptai, knows dark magic, can be a potentially dangerous opponent in a battlefield...

... she is also me- a prettier version of me, but ‘me’ nonetheless. I now live in Falconwing Square in a world called Frostmourne...

... my name is Kelinedara. I like to believe I exist :).
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