Monday, May 23, 2011 | By: Reenie

Amo La Vida

A trip to the beautiful shop near my work, 4 birthday gifts [for friends’ birthdays that went by recently and one that was coming up this weekend] and spending quite some amount of money later, I felt so merry…

I guess the weekend had hit me finallyand then the rest of it remained delightful through and through. Retail therapy has worked for me more often than not, after all.

It helps to remember that if the source of my much distress [aka job] has to go, so does this expensive therapy [aka retail]. I mean it when I say that it’s not the money I love- but rather it the things that money can buy…

… and then- sometimes it’s not even the ‘things’, it’s the act of ‘buying’. Please tell me you know what I mean? :)

In other semi-related news- the name of the mentioned shop is ‘Amo La Vida’; and for some ‘vaguely-explicable’ reason I like that very much :)
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