Monday, May 2, 2011 | By: Reenie

A Lifetime

Crazy typing out his assignment- eyes stuck to his MacBook monitor, me sitting on the floor sorting out papers, the furkid on the sofa lazily looking at us between cat naps- belly up.

I make an idle comment while placing the AGL bill to the ‘keep’ pile, ‘This year, it will be our 12th year together and our 7th year of marriage

He nods, turns his lips and smiles- all the while keeps typing.

Basically, spent my whole life with you- didn’t I?’, I say casually, smiling and perhaps with a hint of mock despair...

His smile broadens a little and he nods again... eyes still stuck on the monitor, but the expression much softer.

I smile and go back to the papers. This guy nods a lot. He nodded at me the first time we met... no ‘hello’, no ‘nice to meet you’- just a smile and a nod. I thought that was cute- none of us are big talkers, after all.

We came to adore each other’s words and silences through the years.

After all we HAVE spent almost our WHOLE lives together, haven’t we?
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