Wednesday, May 18, 2011 | By: Reenie


In the last few months, I have done many a thing that I’m not proud of.

I beat myself over them for about a month; one thing about clinical depression is that it can sneak up on you from the smallest unattended crack and turn you into a person much worse than, well… you; so there I was- in that murky place inside my head- wondering where did the sun go…

Then, about a few hours back- I decided to let it go and forgive myself… lock that murky place up [ and perhaps loose the key] and seek out the sun.

True- I am still not happy about the things I did [or almost did]: I ‘almost’ quit my job, deferred my CPA segment exam, stopped reading EVERYONE’s blog, stopped writing in all three of my blogs, slept a lot and missed my dead grandmother like crazy

… overall I have been much more of a ‘quitter’ than a ‘survivor’, but well… things happen.

I want to be back; and I wish- finally this time around- I can too.

PS: Thank you for sticking with me all this time. It means more than you’d probably know :)

[Image Credit: Crazy]
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