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This day last year- Pekky and I had arranged a small cake for our friend, Sal.

It wasn't much- just a small cheesecake from the grocery store nearby brought at the work lunch to mark the day. It was small, quite and unceremonious- but it was important for us that we do 'something' for our friend on her birthday- and we did the little we could in our tight work routine- it was fun though- all three of us are the 'private' sort, so it worked out happy :).

Then again last year, when Sal went to the U S of A- she brought in a bagful of Hershey's 'Kisses' for me and Pekky. I never was a fan of chocolates- but that bag was precious- it reminded me that I was important enough... it made me happy.

This year, all three of us from three different locations, longed for those little moments of happiness friendship often brings. I guess I miss them more than I realize most of the times. I guess they do too.

Has it really been a year already?

Time flies, doesn't it?

I miss them. Work is not the same anymore and I guess I am admitting that I am a little lonely these days.

It's been a while no one has done those little precious things for me (not counting Crazy). It's been a while I have not done them either (again, not counting Crazy).

Today, I miss our little quiet lunches, simple grocery store cakes, a bagful of Hershey's, the comfort of having a 'friend' beside... and a lunchtime to look forward to.

Today I miss Pekky and Sal.

Today, I know that despite my many reservations about friendship- some have worked out great and I have indeed made a few great friends.

How's that for a happy thought? :)

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