Tuesday, June 28, 2011 | By: Reenie

Just like that

I have never had many friends; but I do have a few… and I have lost some too. For some time, I thought I lost her as well- a friend I called my best… I mean, there she was one fine morning, my best friend, and the next morning- she flew out of my radar… just like that, after 15-years of friendship.

… and then two years and much haps-and-mishaps later- there was a little something shining on my social networking ‘wall’, a 1 liner: I miss you.

I knew I missed her too… but a part of me struggled to let go of the past 2-years’ hurt, asking questions in the line of ‘just like that?’

… but the other part- the bigger and perhaps the much more naïve part- said- ‘Yes, just like that. She’s THAT friend- remember-the one you said was your best…?’

The bigger part won- because it was meant to, because there are bigger things in the world than the grudges we hold; and because- in truth- to me, there never was anything bigger than love… and I let her in again.

So we are back to being friends again now… as it seems, just like that.
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