Thursday, July 7, 2011 | By: Reenie

A Tribute: End of a (Silver) Era

We came back home to a broken car yesterday- our old car, a beautiful Silver-coloured Vectra that we were to put up on for selling (we got a new car last month). Some car had smashed it while it was parked in front of our house and drove away… without doing the decent thing… just left it there- damaged, broken, un-recoverable.

It was our first car as a couple; sad it had to come to that.

Goodbye- our pre-loved Silver car. We had wished someone else will drive you perhaps to move to their first home, to bring their first child home from the hospital, to start their lives as independent adults; we had wished you will be loved by another altogether again… which were not to be.

… but we will remember you always, fondly, as a car for which we were the lasts to experience many of our firsts.
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