Wednesday, August 10, 2011 | By: Reenie


So... yea, where was I?

 Literally saying- right here actually...

Figuratively though, maybe not. I have been somewhere and yet... not really anywhere.

But then- the past few months were but a blur, to say the least.

Changes? There has been a few. For one, we do not live in our little red house anymore; we now live in a green one- in a quite street that goes by the name Young... the change of scene has been like a breath of fresh air. I needed it, I guess.

This green house is a nice one... and for a homebug like me- a nice house is... umm... nice.

Life has been busy... there has been some struggles, most of the time I lost to the faceless monster... but perhaps I won some too. After all, it is none other than me who's sitting here writing, in a pretty green house surrounded by the little kitten and the man for whom I mean the world...

... and for me who mean the universe.

So yea- I was here. Right here; even when I did not know it myself a lot of times.

How have YOU been, btw? And do you remember me still? :)
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