Monday, September 19, 2011 | By: Reenie

... and though time goes by, I will always be... in a club with you in 1973*

Here I am… breaking it again: the promise that I WILL write a few lines everyday.

The last few days were again a blur… with random explosions of emotion, sadness, revelations and some (possible) mistakes. They were not good- the days; but I don’t want to talk about them…

You see, I’d rather talk about monkeys and cats because they are fun and easy :). Aren’t those the things you’d rather hear of anyway as well? :)

I will say this, however, that I’m not sure if I am finally doing something I should have done a long time back- or just making the biggest mistake of my life… but the arrow has been shot and I’m now seeing it go. That’s all I can do, I guess…

… and also I’m considering seeing a therapist... you know, regularly. I gathered I need to. I need to.

On a happy note, Sher- my kitten- loves me very much… and whoever thought that things like this alone cannot make you go on- are dead wrong; because they can. And they are.

*Title credit: 1973 by James Blunt
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