Thursday, April 12, 2012 | By: Reenie

Flat Shoes, Cold Mornings & Random Thoughts

Just an update on my life as of now:

1. The bump is getting bigger. I am stepping into my seventh month of pregnancy in just a few days.

2. There is a LOT of things to buy and loads to fix. One burning example is that we bought a baby cot wa-aa-y back in February (a cute colourful one that we just couldn’t resist!) and are yet to assemble it.

3. There is a ‘perfect’ name to be found and I’m running out of time.

4. I have had blood drawn for my gestational diabetes test yesterday… I’m convinced I’ll be ‘a positive’ due to my strong family history of diabetes. The results haven’t come in yet though.

5. Cold winter mornings are back.

6. High heels are out. I’m wearing flats these days. And unlike all other times in the past, without many qualms- who’d have thought that I’ll be mellowed down (shoe-wise) like this?

7. … though I’m trying not to panic each time I look at the scales- after all I have never in my life weighed over 51 kilos before!

In the strangest possible way, I miss writing sometimes; but then, when I do end up writing- I feel exposed… so many-a-times I end up closing the ‘compose’ page and open the one that says is a ‘treasure’ for baby names… Bullshit. There is NO SITE that I have found so far that I can call a treasure for baby names. Fact.

Anyone there to help me out so that my future offspring does not go nameless- or worse, does not end up with a BAD name?

Oh, the horror.

Oh a different note, how have you all been btw?
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