Monday, May 14, 2012 | By: Reenie


I have 8 more weeks till the official due date of delivery- which means it is assumed that I can very well have as less as 6 weeks to 10 weeks [hey, they do say 2 weeks give or take !] in hand to get things in order. [Now, excuse me while I panic a little] ONLY 6 WEEKS! SIX WEEKS!!!! Even last night I had a dream that my house has mystically shrank so much that we couldn’t even make the pram get into the house!

So far we have bought a cot, cot mattress, pram, pram bassinet, cat seat… and a few small things we either bought or received as a baby shower gift [oh yes, we had a friend arrange one for us last weekend. It was a hell lot of fun :)] like- a video monitor, a newborn kit of bottles, a bottle sterilizer, clothes [both new and hand-me-downs from R&R’s 2 month old- cute little doll-like clothes :)], bath gels & oils etc, a nappy bag, a nappy warmer and oh, how could I forget… nappies [we bought about 250 nappies so far- I hear it’ll last us for about 25 days. I know what you’re thinking (because I’m thinking the same)- babies DO poo a lot- don’t they?]!

There are moments I feel that my house is still unprepared for a baby (bedrooms!, cot assembly!, cleaning till it squeaks!, washing baby clothes before putting them away as ‘ready’!, a long list of things still to buy!, OMG!)… and then I feel the pokes/ kicks/ punches/ rolls from inside of me and it calms me to the point I put the panics aside and whispers to him that we’ll meet soon...

… and I think I’d like that, quite a lot.
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