Tuesday, May 22, 2012 | By: Reenie

Wander Wonder...

This is my last month at work before the 7-month parental leave… I am training the girl who is taking over from me while I’m gone, working on the handover document that seems to get longer by the minute, tying the loose-ends, getting the house ready for the baby, a thousand and one doctor's appointments, a thousand and two paperworks... Life has been crazy and busy...

It’s bittersweet; a little overwhelming too- all that change that's about to come: a part of me is apprehensive, a part sad, a part excited, a part is eagerly holding on to this precious time, a part of me can’t wait to step into the first day of the rest of my life… and at the end of the day all parts of me is tired and achy, but I guess that's just one of the more common 'perks' of pregnancy :). 

A month is not a long time. I do not have long to go before I wave goodbye to these people at work I have learnt to consider as ‘friends’- I know much will change when I am back again after seven long months, it always does, the day will soon come when I will start for home one final time for a while hoping that the next morning I’ll wake up all ready to be the kind of mum I have kind of always wanted myself to be

... till then. 

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