Monday, June 4, 2012 | By: Reenie


5 more weeks and my life changes forever. Yes, it can be anywhere between 3 to 7 weeks, I know. But for now- I’m just comfortable with saying 5 weeks… it feels comfortably within reach and yet not looming on me all that much.

2 more weeks and I finish work for 7 months… these 2 weeks just won’t go fast enough. I’m so heavy and achy! I wish time went faster for 2 weeks and then slowed down a bit, just so I could catch my breath somewhat before the baby arrives. I’m having a baby, I need to catch my breath, don’t you think? :)

Today is the last Monday of the year that I’m working (next Monday being a public holiday and all that jazz), sorry to say- this Monday is just as bad as all others!

My house is still going through my sporadic nesting experiments- second bedroom is (almost) ready so is the third, major baby stuffs bought, hospital bags packed (mostly) just in case, cot assembled, change station decided and cleared of crap (we need to unpack the change table though, also the pram), almost done with the ‘Labour, Birthing and Parenting’ classes (last one tonight)also the baby clothes are washed, dried and sorted by size (this was the most fun of them all!)

Also… our little boy has a name! Phew!!

It’s true that we are not completely ready yet (I’m not sure we will ever be), but we’re getting there. For a start, let's say, even if the baby ends up not having his father’s good looks and my dimples- I'm quite sure I am past the stage of disappointment of any kind whatsoever… :)
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