Wednesday, June 6, 2012 | By: Reenie

Dada, Goodbye.

He used to call me 'Didi'. 

He used to cook the best 'Paya Soup' on Eids, the best I've ever had in this whole wide world.

He loved his gadgets- his laptop, his video camera, his camera, his phone.... this one bit I have inherited from him, I think. I also love my gadgets... I have always been one to think that an iPad actually makes a much better valentine's day gift than a room full of flowers [I won't say I'm not 'romantic'- I just have a different idea of romance, that's all].

Me, Dada and the Brother- watching what he had recorded in the video camera- his happier and healthier times. I believe this was in 2005.  
He loved a game of cards or two. During my childhood, I have seen many of his friends- playing cards and chatting the evening away... and the sounds of merriment and laughter. His inner child was always very apparent.

I remember he used to call my Dida, 'Monu'... it is a term of endearment- but for years I thought that's what my Dida was called, that her name really was 'Monu'.

He was my grandfather, my Dada. He passed away today.

How am I doing? Well, thanks for asking. I'm okay, I'm sad- but okay. He was in a lot of pain, I guess; and it's better he's not suffering anymore. Yeah, I mean it.

... but I realize that with his death, one generation of my family tree is finished- he was my last surviving grandparent; just as with my child's birth next month- a new generation will start. I'm feeling a strange sense of loss in the fact that those two generations never got to meet each other- albeit through Skype, if not face-to-face
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