Tuesday, July 10, 2012 | By: Reenie

Daniyal Ardeshir

My son is now 11 days old. He came 15 days earlier than predicted weighing 2.5 kilos and measuring 48 cms... and it is proving to be every bit life-changing since.

Here, meet Daniyal Ardeshir. He is adorable and quite gorgeous- if I may say so myself :): he DOES have my dimples, but we are yet to figure out who he looks like more. Crazy's family likes to take all the credit of his good looks and my family is doing the same. I'm not minding either- he is cute, I hardly care who he looks like.

In other related news- I haven't had a proper sleep in 12 days, I have not waxed my eyebrows in weeks, I haven't been outside or done anything 'fun' for 12 days... but I know, this is the package deal that comes with early motherhood and I'm okay with that. For now- I'm happy if the kiddo eats, pees and sleeps well, does not have a blocked nose and is generally healthy. My own passion for fashion has taken a backseat meanwhile.

What can I say- it's rather a simple life with simple worries.

It's not that I do not crave the peace and quiet and whole night of sleep (of my previous life) at times- but then there's this newborn with my dimples looking at me with big black eyes full of recognition... and I know I wouldn't change anything for the world.

My world (and the idea of what makes it perfect) has now changed forever. I am now a mum of two gorgeous boys- one four-legged and one two...

... and there's no turning back. 
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