Wednesday, August 8, 2012 | By: Reenie

Baby It's Cold Outside...

It's a cold, grey and rainy Melbourne day.

My house is warm and if I do not have a mug of something warm with me that's because I'm feeling kinda lazy...

... my two-legged baby is sleeping in the blue cot that his dad and I had chosen for him months before he was born, he is filling out the room with many noises that newborns often make in their sleep [and oh... aren't those newborns little noise machines!?! I remember being wide awake in my first night at the hospital with Little Dee (and that too after a 17-hour labour), the sounds he was making were so 'strange' I just couldn't figure them out!], and my four-legged one is sitting close to me watching the rain and the swaying trees... being the cute kitten that he is.

... I'm at the best place that I can be on a day like this: home.

... and other than this inexplicable warm and fuzzy feeling that's making me smile... there's just no sign of 'warmth' ANYWHERE as far as my eyes can go! 

... but it's a good day for me regardless- the weather inside of me is all good and happy; and I hope so it is for you :)

[Title Credit: Baby, it's cold outside- Dean Martin; Photo Credit: Melburnian at Facebook]
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