Tuesday, September 11, 2012 | By: Reenie

Inside and Out

I'm a little moody lately [I'm blaming the lack of sleep and also the fact that I have not been out in sun and fresh air for a while now]... my ever-failing self-control is coming handy so far- just following a few (seemingly simple) mantras: think about neutral stuffs, keep the head as blank as possible, avoid confrontations at all costs, steer all possible unpleasant conversations to a safer ground, make jokes at every possibility- even when you don't feel like it- making someone laugh can be quite rewarding... and keeping my digits crossed that I don't end up saying things that I may regret later- it's getting easier with time and some practice...

Little Dee at 2-months-2-days; he is smiling a lot these days :)

Otherwise life is going on at a rather predictable fashion- devoting all my time to the Little Monster. I guess the universe inside my head has been pretty uneventful too [or that I'm trying HARD to keep it that way].

I guess that explains the situation of my blogposts (or therelackof rather)...

... and this is one of the things I wish weren't so.

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