Sunday, September 30, 2012 | By: Reenie

Wake me up when September ends

... though, to be honest, 'waking up' is not really my problem these days.

My problem is the opposite.

I don't get much sleep... and let's just say my 'little man' has taken over my life is ways I didn't think was possible.

One example: my phone screensaver.

Well, why don't you for yourself:

I know! Umm... well, at least he's cute!

I get by well through the day though- with about six hours of sleep every night, sometimes less [like last night I got three]. Somedays I am nothing short of Superwoman; a tired one maybe- but hey... still!

What can I say?

'Thank goodness for caffeine', perhaps? :)

*Title credit: Green Day: Wake me up when September ends

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