Friday, November 9, 2012 | By: Reenie

It's nothing but time and a face that you lose; I chose to feel it and you couldn't choose...

I don't get to notice much of anything these days, but I do notice some days that there's sunlight till late. True, the significance of this occurring has decreased by a degree since I am home all day everyday lately... but I'd rather have sunlight till late than not anyday anyway :).

It has been lovely and warm and sunny around here lately. What can I say, life has a way of balancing the suns and rains- I have noticed it before too... haven't you?

In other news- some things have changed, some have grown, some have disappeared, some have appeared- the usual, you know?

Highlights? Well, there are a few:

Little Dee is 4-months old now and I now have a little more than 2 months till I go back to work. It's been wonderful to see him grow and I never knew the experience would be so gratifying... on the flip slide, it is also back-breaking hard work- but other than the occasional feeling of 'under appreciation' (I know, that part is quite a dealbreaker as I have realized not so long ago), I have been managing well- both physically and mentally.

Little Dee, October 2012.
 Emotionally, it has not been very smooth sailing. In fact, I have been a little sad and lonely. I have reached out, sought help... but well, these things don't always work out... and like some other times in my life in the past, I have noticed that this is simply is easier- if I can 'cruise it out' somehow... it makes me kinda lonely, true, but not lonely as to realize that no one I'd like really 'cares'. I have always been self-sufficient, it's just a matter of time till I get used to it; I know this for a fact. I've done it before after all :).

This, actually, is all.

What can I say- given that the days of my life are alarmingly similar lately punctuated only by differences in what we had for dinner and what I wore- I can say I did say quite a lot; don't you think?

[Title Credit: The Stars- Your Ex-Lover is Dead]

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