1. I gave up on categorizing my blog; all I know now is that this blog exists because I like to write :)

2. If my life were a novel, you'd probably like to read it on your way to work- in a public transport- just something random and light to fill your times with.

3. I do not have many friends, only a few good ones.

4. I hate generlization of any kind, any shape, any colour.

5. I read many journals. I use Google Reader- and frequently subscribe (and unsubscribe) to random strangers' blogs. I believe in drama-free reading. There should not be any obligation in online reading.

6. I am a cat person.

7. I opine that the blogs I display on my sidebar are worth reading. If yours is there- I may have added you for at least one or all of these reasons: you are my friend, I 'connect' to you, I like you and you have my blog on YOUR sidebar, you are a blog-hub, you are my cat :).

8. I am shy and reclusive. More often than not, I prefer keeping to myself and not participate. I see nothing wrong in that.

9. I prefer to stay anonymous over the www-land. I use fictional names for real characters when I blog about them.

10. I gather it's okay to differ and people to lead their lives as they please. I never thought I'd have to push my opinions down someone's throat... but, this applies to you too. Please do not try to push yours down mine :)

11. I find it hard to forgive and forget.

12. I am an atheist. I respect your stance on religion- but I expect the same from you. I do not believe you are on a higher moral ground than I am just because you have a God. Respect is often mutual.

13. Contents of this blog is baked freshly about 3 to 4 times a week, straight from the beautiful Australia :).

14. Even after getting as cynical as I do at times, I do believe in love.

15. I feed on sunlight.

16. I admit my mistakes. I find it hard to respect those who do not.

17. I'd pick a book over a movie any day.

18. I prefer being taken seriously- but I'm not too fussed if I am not; it's your prerogative. Just as it's my prerogative how I 'take' you.

19. I think a sense of humour of the 'subtle' kind, is the best.

20. It took me 6 months to come up with an 'About' page.

21. I love shoes, bags, sunglasses and pretty clothes... I'm pretty 'shallow' that way :)

22. If you have your own artwork that you'd like featured in this blog- please contact me at emcie at y7mail dot com. I do not charge anything to feature pretty and tasteful artwork that (however loosely) matches with my blog posts... but they'll have to match- so there may be a wait till it shows up... and then, there may not be.

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